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‘We sure shook that bridge,’ the mouse said to the elephant after they had crossed the bridge.”



We pride ourselves on our innovation and ability to offer a flexible and personalised service. We recognise that no two organisations are the same and so our solutions are always specifically tailored to your situation and needs.

Our aim is to provide you with relevant solutions, valid robust tools, and a first-class service to match, thereby enabling you to have the relevant skill set and competencies to meet your personal or corporate objectives.

Key benefits of working with Uncommon :


  • Specially tailored solutions to meet your particular circumstances
  • The design of specific training solutions that challenge the course participants and develop key competencies
  • Executive Coaching solutions which focus on developing a more ‘rounded’ leader, manager, team-player and person.
  • Provision of ‘Personal Power Now!’ sessions which enable participants to truly appropriate and harness their personal power to breakthrough limitations.
  • A wide range of validated tools available
  • Tools are easily administered on-line
  • Questionnaires/ reports can be customised with your branding
  • All supported by our dedicated and experienced support team

We aim to bring the following key principles to our working relationship with you:-

We aim to provide the highest quality service available anywhere and we use the Kaizen principle of continuous small improvements to ensure that you enjoy the best possible service experience.

We respect your integrity, individuality and the fact that you know ‘you’ and your business better than we do. We value the wealth of life experiences and skills that you bring and we view each interaction as an opportunity for us to all learn from each other.

Innovation and Creativity
In line with the creative and innovative roots of all successful organisations that manage the ‘change’ process, we aim to continually ‘push the envelope’ – by questioning our approach to developing solutions to your challenges, and keeping our solutions fresh and vital and ensuring that their effectiveness is therefore maximised.

Our workshops and longer courses address all levels of personality. Instead of simply telling you about techniques we provide experiences that enable you to learn at the conscious and unconscious level. And as we emphasise learning-through-discovery you learn from your experiences, through discussions and through interacting with the facilitator/trainer and other participants.

We want to Impress You
There’s a story about a woman who had, on successive evenings dined with the famous British adversarial politicians Disraeli and Gladstone. Asked about her impressions of dining with these two great men she replied “When I left the dining room after sitting next to Mr Gladstone I thought he was the cleverest man in England. But after sitting with Mr Disraeli I thought I was the cleverest woman.”

We want you to leave us very impressed…with yourself, your abilities and your own potential.