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Personal Power!! Sessions are a unique process designed to give one-on-one support to people who want to take the next step in their development – be it personal or business.

The process includes unpacking the hidden motivators and discovering what it is that truly gives value to your life, clearing the negative emotions that are preventing you from being, doing and having all you aspire to and the most powerful way yet discovered of creating the future you really want.

Getting the most from a Personal Power!! Session requires little more than your ability to describe your feelings, answer some reflective questions and complete the instructions needed to facilitate the simple mental techniques which enable fast, easy change.

Contrary to the idea that there is something “wrong” with you, a Personal Power Now!!! Session actually ‘reverse-engineers’ your experience by discovering the hidden beliefs and meanings within the issues you want to change.

Where you are in life is a result of two minds; both the conscious and the unconscious/subconscious minds. According to the subconscious ‘rules’ you learned as a young child, you are already effortlessly getting results.

These rules are effortlessly running on automatic and are flawlessly maintained by your unconscious mind. That’s why it seems like such a battle to change yourself through willpower (conscious mind) alone! A Personal Power Now!!! Session effectively aligns both the conscious and unconscious patterning and streamlines the process.

What makes the process possible is the technology of the mind called Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLP works on a process level (how you’re thinking) and rarely is there need to know the content (what you’re thinking) in order for you to get great, lasting results. That’s just one reason why this process is called a “Personal Power” Session.

Many professionals have used Personal Power!! Sessions to address issues of:

• Stage Fright & Public Speaking
• Insomnia
• Allergies/Phobias
• Effective Personal Expression and Communication
• Negative (Limiting) Behaviours
• Smoking & Other Addictions
• Anger Management
• Relationship Management 
• Life Stress and other Challenges